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Minions Wanted, T-Shirts Negotiable...
I've just been in a commentey mood and commented on several peoples post. Can I use this to segue back into posting on here? (Doubtful, but worth a try!)
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The new song from Nelly, "Just A Dream". I LOVE this song... but the video for it? WTF Nelly?

Xtube: There's a reason people go there. It should come as no surprise to anyone. But now they have three "viral videos" at the bottom of each page. Am I the only one disturbed to be scrolling through a page of porn to have it end with kittens frolicking??
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Any suggestions on what I should be for halloween?
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This morning I came upon a fork in the road.
I took the fork less traveled.
I still ended up at work, and even sooner.

Stupid fork.
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But let me restate for the record I HATE MOVING! It is a curse and a blight upon humanity.

So yes, I said goodbye to my little apartment with the awesome view and the driveway designed by a rollercoaster tycoon. Now I'm over in the inner sunset sharing a place with bigtallnoljandy. We're accepting bets on which of us will kill the other and who the surviver will be. (Smart money is on me as the victor. :P)

So yeah, I'm exhausted and have to go back to work tomorrow morning, so I should really be in bed. But alas here I am trying to resuscitate this journal for you my single-digit devoted readers. :P

I will say that it is an incredible relief to have the moving portion done. The unpacking and settling can be done at a gentler pace.
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If asked, could you name the 5 most important/closest people to you in your life? (You don't necessarily have to rank them.) Would your own name be in that list? Would it be family? Friends? Would they have some other designation that only has meaning to you?

I realized last night that I'm not in my own top five.

What about you? If you're in to the whole total honesty thing, feel free to list em. :P
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I guess I kind of drifted away from posting here. It's not like I'm the only one it's happened to though. I've been trying to think of a way to get myself to start posting again, but truth be told I'm having a rough time of life right now and don't want to come back just to bitch and whine. We will see what I can do.
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My Muppet and I, originally uploaded by justdave00010.

OMG! Look who I got for Xmas!!!

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P1100689, originally uploaded by justdave00010.

So I had a good halloween! If you'd like to check out all the pics I took (except for the ones from work that I still need to add) go here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/justdave00010/sets/72157622590733107/


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